100 Days of Art

I will admit, this was a very difficult task for me. I bit off more than I could chew to start out with in the beginning of this project. I started out with the intention of doing one drawing a day. After the first few days, I realized that this was simply not feasible for me. I was doing art every day, so by the time I got to drawing something, I was so tired of trying to be creative for the day that I was getting stressed out and I didn’t want to do do it. Then I figured, why a drawing a day when I can just record the art I did for the day? I decided to lift the limitations of just drawings and expanded it to my ceramics, painting, photography, graphic design, and everything else I managed to pick up and try out over the course of this project. I even took some turkey feathers and used those to experiment with calligraphy. Many of my projects ended up looking a lot nicer since I also allowed myself more than one day to do them. I don’t necessarily have one project per day, but there are quite a few larger projects that took several days to complete. Once I lifted the limitations, I had a lot more fun with this project. The pictures aren’t in any specific order, but it does indicate the number of days I worked on it.

Turkey feather doodles, lettering, and calligraphy attempts: one per day for 15 days

Painting and crafting: 6 Days – Western Town – 2 days, Monument painting – 3 days of painting undercoats (still unfinished) and painting and lettering the buckets – 1 day

Drawings: 38 Days – Some of the colored ones took two days

Ceramics: 28 days – I was able to do a few projects

Logo concept art: 2 Days

Graphic Design: 2 Days

Photography: 9 days


Scottsbluff National Monument Park Passes: 6 Days


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