Tech Overload

This weeks’ topic actually goes along with my independent learning project focus for last week. I dedicated the whole week to no Facebook. I have conflicting feelings about the blog post “Simplify the Internet.” The author seemed intent on getting rid of all technology, but he also makes some really good points about how overwhelming it can be. He also thought Pinterest was a time suck… It is NOT a timesuck… Maybe a money pit, but definitely worth it!

Anyways, as I was reading his blog, I realized that I am already doing most of the things he suggests, such as limiting the number of social media platforms we use. I have decluttered my email, I’ve combed through my Facebook so that I only see posts from people that I actually care about, and I don’t post frequently. I might post something on Facebook once or twice a month. Yet after all this, I still feel overwhelmed. I quit Instagram and refused to have a Twitter account before this class because it is all just too much. I can manage having Facebook, but I don’t know how people can manage having what seems like every social platform available and keeping them all updated at all times.

Multi-tasking with technology simply does not happen. When I do homework, my cell phone goes away because it is a distraction. I won’t even check it for messages because as soon as I check my phone I end up spending at least ten minutes dinking with it. If someone says they can multitask while spending time on their phones, they are lying. By being tethered to our devices we are losing time that we could be working on homework or on our hobbies. Procrastination wouldn’t be as big of an issue, and we’d also have more time to pursue our goals. By being tethered to our devices, we lose touch with things we need to do that are necessary as well as for fun.

Photo CC: Sean MacEntee


4 thoughts on “Tech Overload

  1. Good for you for being able to de-clutter like that! I’m sure it takes a lot of self control not to be sucked back into all of it. I also agree that there is no such thing as multi-tasking with technology. I think it is rude for people to “multitask” while they are hanging out with other people.


    1. I agree. If I’m actually hanging out with people, my phone does not come out unless it has to. Same for being at work or in class. It is rude to your teacher, other employees, and whoever the customer is.


  2. This is a good, straight forward blog. I haven’t had Facebook in three years, and I recently acquired Twitter for this course. Your points about cell phones and homework echo my sentiments exactly. I feel completely liberated when I can purely focus on an assignment for a couple of hours at a time. It seems to take clarity of mind before you pick up an inanimate object to realize what a distraction it will be, and how it will get you nowhere. The amount of discipline we have to possess because of the technology overload is insane.


    1. The longest periods of time I spend off my phone is when I’m working in the ceramics lab. I turn Pandora on and then I don’t touch it for a few hours. The time flies by and it’s really nice to have a few distraction-free hours to just work.


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