Class Reflection

I’ve learned quite a bit in this class. It’s given me the opportunity to actually use Twitter and WordPress in a meaningful way. It has met my expectations, but I wish that we would get into more tools to use in the classroom and learn how to effectively use them. I’d love to get more in depth information on things like how to use Google Forms and other tools on Google Drive. I’d also like to learn what some of the more popular programs that are being used in classrooms are and how to use them. I think the most interesting module so far is the one where the Daily Create was introduced.

Photo CC: smilla4


3 thoughts on “Class Reflection

  1. I’ve enjoyed the Daily Create too, although I’m behind and need to catch up. I thought I’d share that I’m also taking EDUC 434 – Integrating Technology Into the Classroom Curriculum and it has some of the components you mentioned you were interested in. I don’t know where you are in your degree but if you have time, perhaps you should look into that class if you haven’t already? You have to build a website for a topic you want to teach and create a bunch of components to go with it using different technologies – it’s interesting has a lot of classroom applications.


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