Digital Footprint

I was was a mixture of shocked a little amused when I Googled myself. Shocked at some of the things that came up that I have absolutely no connection with, and amused at the little bit that was connected to me. First I did a normal search, then I put quotations around my name, and I even threw my middle name in there and I still didn’t come up with much. I found my Facebook profile, a ton of other Facebook profiles for other Emily Stills, and at least ten LinkedIn profiles. I found that there are a lot of Emily Stills in the world. I’m sure if I sifted through more I could dig up some more information on myself, but on the surface I didn’t really find anything on there. I went over to Google Images and saw a few photos that I’ve used for Facebook profile pictures along with A LOT of scantily clad women (none of which were me, I promise!).

I was surprised at how little of a digital footprint I have. My mom has always preached to me about internet safety and how I need to be careful of what I post online, but I never thought I had taken it this seriously. I have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, a few blogs that I started and promptly forgot about. Heck, I even still have Myspace. I really thought I would have more of a digital imprint. I’m not too worried about it, though. Frankly, I’m alright with the little information that is out there. People can still find me on Facebook or Twitter, and that’s really all they need to be able to do.

Since I didn’t find a whole lot on myself, I searched my boyfriend’s name instead. I didn’t find a whole lot on him until I went to Google Images. That’s where I found the juicy stuff, like his YouTube page and his Google+ account. I also found some of his older pictures, which I promptly sent to him and teased him about. He wasn’t too pleased about the beardless pictures!

The TED Talk video was the one resource for this week that I really, really enjoyed, mostly because it is something that I have been taught for years already. Growing up, my mom was always the one to push me onto social media. With the exception of Myspace, she was the one to force me to get Facebook, my first Twitter account, Pandora Radio, Instagram (multiple times), and so on. Yes, my mom forced me to have some of these. She threatened to ground me one time if I didn’t use Twitter at least a few times a week. I didn’t feel the need to have my life on constant display for everyone, so I shied away from most social media. I still use it and understand the benefits, but I’m in it more for staying connected to my friends that I have actually met and using chat features. I think that’s why I don’t feel all that bad about not having that big of a digital footprint. I’m active on social media, but I’m still under the radar, and that’s how I like it.

Photo CC: Colm Britton


8 thoughts on “Digital Footprint

  1. Good for your mom! Sounds like she taught you well. Hopefully this blog, with positive reflections of you, will show up on your google search some day. That will be a good digital tattoo.


  2. Great post! I think all parents should make sure their kids are being safe on the internet and staying under the radar as much as possible.


      1. Oh Emily! I seriously don’t remember threatening to ground you if you didn’t use Twitter. I think now that you are in this class you have finally realized that I was correct about a lot of things. I have always said if you don’t write your story online that someone else will write it for you.


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