Ds106 is a really neat concept. As an art education major, I can really see the benefits of this website. Ds106 is basically an open online class for people to jump into, complete assignments, and build up their creativity while learning new techniques and technology.

The “DS” in ds106 stands for digital storytelling. Digital storytelling is kind of like a digital archive of whatever you want it to be. In our case for our class, our digital storytelling will be of our thirty day challenge. As it says in one of the descriptions about ds106, it is referred to as a “non-course course,” and is more of an experiment than anything. Being an art major, I’m pretty psyched to learn about this site, and continue learning about it over the next month (or more if I really enjoy it!). So far, I’ve looked at some of the artwork that has come out of some of the assignments, and it is great to see people being creative. Even if it is something as simple as a picture with some text over it or a filter, at least people are being motivated to be creative at least once a day. This website seems to be a really good tool for creating a starting point for people to explore tools or methods they wouldn’t have otherwise.

I can see using ds106 in my classroom someday. I might not use it on a regular basis, but I will definitely use it when I find relevant projects. I am definitely going to use the digital storytelling concept in my classroom someday. I think it is really important for students to document their work, even if it is not an assignment. Even keeping a private account of ideas, drawings, or concepts to go back and revisit is really important. It’s kind of like having a digital diary. This way it is always accessible. Keeping a digital story can also help students and their teachers look back on what they’ve done to see progress. It is amazing comparing someone’s starting point, midpoint, and end result. Over time, you might not realize how much progress is being made, but having that comparison can be a great way to keep yourself motivated to keep going and get even better.


8 thoughts on “ds106

  1. I found DS106 to pretty neat as well, it is something I’ve never really heard of but after researching it I love the idea behind it! I would agree with you saying it is important for students to document their work, sometimes it can be a struggle to do so but in the end it is much handier than we start of thinking. Great post!


  2. I am really excited about the 30 day create project! I think it will be a great way to learn about and learn how to use technology tools in order to make classrooms more fun, and teach kids how to be creative. I am a little nervous about it because I am not very tech smart, but the ds106 class seems like a great resource for learning.


    1. I think it will be great because it allows for quite a bit of freedom. You aren’t limited to a select few tools with most of the assignments I’ve looked at, so you can poke around and see what works for you.


  3. This class does seem really interesting! Perfect for art majors! Personally it seems a little bit overwhelming. I am not creative whatsoever so I feel like I would totally be lost but I am really interested to see what the class has students do!


  4. You did a great job of explaining what ds106 is all about! I am also excited to try it out and learn some new things from it. I am hoping to find some activities and create some projects that can be used in my future classroom. Thanks for sharing!


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