Building a PLN

There was a lot more to building a personal learning network than I thought there would be. There are multiple aspects to building and maintaining a PLN that are all important. Out of the blog we read for class, there are a few points that stuck out as being super important.

One of these points was being willing to explore. Being part of a PLN means that you will constantly have new information being presented to you. You might have your personal ideals and opinions challenged. It is up to you to decide how you react to this information. This ties into a point the blog made about how you need to be polite and respectful towards others in your PLN.  Even if you don’t agree with some information that someone shares, that doesn’t give you the right to be mean or aggressive towards anyone. This is counterproductive to being in a PLN because people that follow you will unfollow you. You can’t keep up having a PLN if no one follows you back.

Keeping up with your PLN is another one of the important points this blog made. You have to constantly be evaluating the quality of information being shared by people. In a PLN, you can’t follow people just for the sake of following them. If you aren’t receiving quality information, or any information for that matter, then you need to unfollow that person.

Another part of properly keeping up with your PLN is sharing quality information. Quality of information is much more important than the quantity that you put out. If you are sharing things just for the sake of sharing, then you will lose followers.

Digital citizenship also seems to be a very important aspect of building a personal learning network. All of these points are part of being a good digital citizen, from being polite towards other people’s posts to keeping the information you are sharing relevant.

Photo CC: Caroline Buckey


5 thoughts on “Building a PLN

  1. It is very important in the digital world to be respectful. So many people these days hide behind their computer screens and continually disrespect others. This is easy for them, but they get nothing out of it for themselves. To gain information we must be willing to accept ideas that are not our own, even if we do not agree with them we must be willing to look at a situation from all sides. Contributing to a PLN is just as important as gaining from it. Great post.


  2. I think being respectful is such an important thing to remember when being online or anywhere really where someone is sharing their ideas and thoughts. It can be very nerve wracking to put your thoughts and ideas into the void of cyberspace where anyone can see it, and worry that someone may disagree or just bully you for the sake of being mean. Being respectful is something that can be forgotten and is sort of getting lost in this world.


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